Friday, May 14, 2010

The Nevills on Facebook - updated

After centuries of trial and error, attempting to connect with the world of the still living and using only his supercharged ectoplasm, George Nevill has finally found a way. He's set up a Facebook page for the family's use and mighty proud of himself he is. When asked for a comment, he said: "Well, I've not got so much as a flock these days as a horde of mutant sheep with burning eyes, and they're not so much following me as, well, chasing me throughout eternity, but you've got to do something to pass the time, don't you?"

Update: George managed to control his ectoplasmic flow sufficiently to find hotmail (fittingly, I think, as they both clearly emanate from the Dark Side) and now has his own email address. He is very sad (or at least he has told the rest of the family that he's sad) that the Facebook page is now in his name, but they will just have to cope with that. After all, they all have equal access to it.

As Margaret of Anjou was offering Maine to the 100th person to 'like' her, and as George was that person, he expects the keys to the county to be delivered to him shortly. "It'll make a nice little bolt hole," he says. "And I'm considering forming a new religion and appointing myself its first cardinal. I'm also working on the new currency. Richard is planning his coronation (much to Dad's annoyance - he thinks he should be king), and Margaret is helping John design the army's new livery."

I do hope you'll drop by and say hello.


Susan Higginbotham said...

Good job, George! Do watch out for those sheep.

Ragged Staff said...

He's trying to work out how they can be friends with Margaret (you know, bygones being bygones and all), but he's a bit lost.

Su_H said...

Has George been watching 'Dr Who' again? richard could've done with some of those sheep at Barnet methinks! :-)

Susan Higginbotham said...

I couldn't find him, though! Do you have a link!

Ragged Staff said...

Su, I'm not privy to George's viewing habits, though oddly I don't think Songs of Praise is one of his favourites. And Richard could have done with a lot of things at Barnet.

Susan, It's a community page called The Nevills, as George doesn't have his own email address he couldn't set up a personal page. (He might be the brains of the family, but some things are beyond him.)