Friday, May 28, 2010

Casting call 2

Here's my thinking so far:

Lord Henry Fitzhugh:              
It's a significant role, so he
should be happy with it.
Henry was married to Warwick's
sister Alice.
                              Edward IV:

                       My daughter's suggestion. Some guy from
                       some pop group... Actually, it's Ed O'Brien
                       from Radiohead. Certainly tall enough, but
                       we'll have to bulk him up, bleach his hair
                       hair and see if he can act. And he might
                       have lute skills!                                                 
John Nevill:
There was some heavy lobbying to
give him Warwick But this is my

                                                              Alice, countess of 

                                                                Another daughterly


Susan Higginbotham said...

Oh, I'd definitely be up for seeing more of Fitzhugh and John.

But it's a sign of my general out-of-it-ness that I don't recognize any of the actors.

Ragged Staff said...

John is James Purefoy, who Su H and others were lobbying for. The countess is Helena Bonham Carter. Fitzhugh is Richard Armitage.

Armitage is the guy I keep seeing in my head when I play out the Fitzhugh scenes. I have one (heartbreaking hopefully) where he comes home after Wakefield to find that his wife has heard some very nasty rumours. Richard Armitage on his knees at the door of his castle, trying to explain himself to his wife is just too delicious...

Caroline said...

Ragged Staff, I think you're casting ideas are great. For EIV I suggested Henry Cavill, but having recently seen The 39 Steps, I think Rupert Penry Jones would be a good choice for an older EIV as well- 6'2", blond, handsome, but would need some bulking up.
As for MoA, maybe Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn from the Tudors) would be a good choice. And for some reason I keep on thinking David O'Hara, who plays the Earl of Surrey, would make a good Richard,Duke of York.

Ragged Staff said...

Caroline, thanks! I'll check these out for casting call 3. (This is starting to take on a life of its own, which I quite like.)

Elizabeth said...

I'm a little late on the reading/commenting of these, but oh my goodness, the vision of Armitage on his knees is indeed delicious - might even give me palpitations :O

I like your daughter's addition of a non-actor and think we should all pay close attention to those sexy soccer hunks this World Cup and imagine them in some roles... Wayne Rooney, perhaps?

Just thought I'd throw my two cents in here!

Ragged Staff said...

It's never too late to comment, Elizabeth! Thanks and take a breath! I was talking to one daughter about the tallness of E4 and how difficult it was going to be to highlight that, esp with 6' Sewell as Warwick. She came up with Ed, which I think was inspired. Another daughter read the wip and was v impressed with the countess. I'm not sure I agree with her entirely about HBC, bit it could work.
I'll check out Rooney, thanks.