Friday, April 9, 2010

It's here!

And so quickly.

Went to the local servo where we collect our mail and there it was - a slim parcel from Bedfordshire.

My book!

This is my favourite picture.  (That's QM having a very French temper tantrum.)

Some choice quotes:

Unfortunately the Queen, Margaret of Anjou, a fierce and bitter woman, hated Warwick.  When she heard that Somerset had been killed and that York and Warwick were again in power, she determined on revenge. (p 10)

The king received Warwick with friendly courtesy, but the grim looks of the King's Councillors and the scowling face of Queen Margaret, warned him that he was not among friends.  He was right. (p 20)

King Edward, who was twenty years old, was content to enjoy life and leave everything to Warwick.  As Warwick was both wise and honest, it was an excellent arrangement.  (p 38)

All the high offices of state were filled by relations of Elizabeth Woodville.  This was both foolish and ungrateful on Edward's part... (p 40)

Warwick retired to his estates.  He was as honest and upright a man as ever lived in England, but he saw that only the same means that had rid Henry of his evil advisers, would serve in this case.  With deep sorrow he faced the need for further warfare in England.  (p 42)

Warwick could have made himself Dictator of England, as Cromwell did later, or even King if he had so wished.  But he was loyal to the throne, so long as whoever was on it ruled for the good of England.  (p 44)

This was Louis' plan.  He wanted to keep England weak, so that she could never again invade France as Henry V had done.  To encourage civil war in England seemed to him the best way of doing it.  (p 46)

Not least of them was his brother Clarence, thus doubly a traitor, who deserted Warwick in his hour of need.  (p 48)

Don't know why I'm bothering with my own book, really.  L du Garde Peach has said it all, and in 50 neat little pages.

The book is in excellent condition, and it's a first edition.  Not bad for five pounds!


Susan Higginbotham said...

Goodness! What's Margaret so upset about? And what's the title of the book?

Ragged Staff said...

She's just heard that her son's been disinherited. I'd be having a tantrum, too, if it was me (though not a French one). And it's the Ladybird book, Warwick the Kingmaker, that I got on ebay.

Susan Higginbotham said...

Whew! If I were one of her ladies, I'd be clearing out of that room before she snatched off my headdress!

Ragged Staff said...

I know, it's scary stuff. Make sure you include that scene in your new book! :-)

Ragged Staff said...

Comments are driving me nuts again today. (Not the content, the lack of functioning). It says there are five and shows me two. Once I've put this one in, it might show three!

Susan Higginbotham said...

I found a copy for a crackling 78 cents on Amazon US, so it's on its way to me!

Ragged Staff said...

It's a beautiful thing and even i could not read it with a straight face.

Susan Higginbotham said...

Got my copy today! Is it my imagination, or is Warwick looking a little too closely at Elizabeth Woodville's bosom on page 39?

Ragged Staff said...

Interesting observations, Susan, I hadn't spotted that. To me, is looks as if he's about to turn away and spit: "Impetuous puppy!"