Thursday, April 29, 2010

Books books books

But not the one I wanted!

Of the several editions of the Paston Letters at the ANU library, guess which one's missing? That's right, the one that contains the Fastolf Relation. I have no idea where I'm going to get hold of it now and it's make me a teensy bit irritated. The place is lousy with books that contain the Stow Relation, but I've already got that. (Fenn is available through Google Books, but guess which pages are missing? There have been some heavy sighs.)

However, I did get:  Richard Duke of York, PA Johnson (just to make sure I haven't missed/forgotten something important); The Paston Family in the Fifteenth Century, C Richmond (because I just couldn't resist it); The Great Household in Late Mediaeval England, CM Woolgar (so I can stop making up crap and actually give the impression I know what I'm talking about); The Plumpton Letters & Papers, J Kirby (because it was there); The Last Medieval Queens, JL Laynesmith (because Michael Hicks recommended it); Margaret of Anjou, H E Maurer (just in case Laynesmith missed something) and Dear Sister: Medieval Women & the Epistolary Genre, K Cherewatuk & U Wiethaus (because it looked interesting).

And I don't have to return them until October!

Despite the missing Fenn, the ANU library has quite a solid collection of relevant texts, down in the basement, housed in slitheringly dangerous compactuses. I nearly squished someone first time I went there, but I've learned how not to do that. Next time I go, I'll get myself a copy card and bury myself in the stacks.

Sadly the second hand stall had nothing. The woman who runs it scoured her shop for anything I might be interested in and came up empty. Still, I have enough reading to keep me busy for a little while.

And my R3S contact was unavailable for lunch, so all in all a fairly mixed day. (Had to have lunch with my husband instead.)

My real business in town, a brief meeting with the guy whose PhD I'm editing, was wholly successful, and that must count for something, seeing as I'm getting paid for it.


Susan Higginbotham said...

Armstrong's "Politics and the Battle of St. Albans" has the Fastolf Relation. I can send you a PDF if you like.

Ragged Staff said...

Susan, my copy has it in French, which might be highly authentic but not much use to me. I really need an English translation which, if you have, I would be very pleased to see.

Susan Higginbotham said...

Actually, now that I look at it, I see that Armstrong calls the document in question the Phillips Relation, and that it's in vol. 3, pp. 29-30 of Gairdner's edition of The Paston Letters. I have the Google Books volume of that edition, so let me know if you want me to send the PDF to you.

Here's the link, if your server lets you reach it:

Ragged Staff said...

Susan, I searched through Gairdner and found nothing. This is driving me crazy. I've also looked in the GB version, but obviously missed it. I'll try it again. Thanks. :-)

Ragged Staff said...

The reports from St Albans:
The Stow Relation - found in the Paston Letters, this is the very partisan account that foreshadowed the Parliamentary Pardon; (I have it)
The Phillipps Relation - a short piece listing the dead (again in Paston, again I have)
The Dijon Relation - I can get this if I need it, but I'm not sure if I do right now
The Fastolf Relation - written by (presumably) one of the heralds, in French (which I have, courtesy of Armstrong) - but the English translation reported to be in Fenn I don't have.
As this is a more objective and neutral account that specifically reports on the heraldic negotiations (and doesn't even mention the outcome), I'm very keen to have it. I can't find it on the net and, even if I trusted (eg) Babelfish to translate it sensibly, it wouldn't be able to cope with early French (and neither can I).
Susan, if this is what you have, I would very much appreciate you sending me a copy. I am close to climbing the wall on this one.

Ragged Staff said...

I have an English version of the Fastolf Relation now, thanks to Susan, who is an angel! :-)